XLine Logistics

XLine Logistics is the logistics module of the platform with the same name that serves all applications built on it. This logistics component has been developed in close collaboration with specialists in the field. This has resulted in a complete and user-friendly application that not only supports all logistical tasks but also meets all requirements related to the traceability of implants according to the recent MDR (Medical Device Regulation) law.

XLine Logistics focuses on the various organizational and practical aspects of the logistics chain, not only looking at the specific needs of one particular department, but also approaching the various departments in a holistic manner, taking into account the (integration) possibilities of the existing infrastructure.


Definition of material types

XLine Logistics offers various options to define and keep up-to-date all types of material, including their specific attributes.
This basic principle is absolutely necessary to support all logistics flows.

Stock- and life cycle management

XLine Logistics contains an extensive stock management module that allows to manage a local stock of materials (catheters, implants, prostheses, etc) and the entire logistics chain.

Material preparation

XLine Logistics offers specialized functionalities to support material preparation in, among others, the Operating Theatre. This is done on the basis of the planned interventions in combination with the real-time time registration and streamlines the logistics flow in all its facets.

User-friendly registration

Correct registration of consumption at the patient side is a crucial part of the logistics chain. The XLine platform ensures that this registration can be done quickly and easily via intelligent scan fields in the offered modules. Absolute ease of use is paramount.


The XLine platform is able to provide advanced bi-directional interfaces with existing hospital ERP systems and globally accessible UDI (Unique Device Identifier) databases. This allows the platform to guarantee full material traceability.