The ever rising number, complexity and price of the numerous instruments, circulating inside the hospital, as well as the increasing variation of maintenance and sterilization procedures, have made the "traceability" issue one of the major topics in hospital quality management these days.

These joint factors make the optimal organization of the CSSD quite a challenge. Apart from that, other departments like the Operating Room (OR) are depending strongly upon the activities and performance of the CSSD. This makes the Sterilization department even more important.

SteriLine, the complete CSSD management system of Aexis Medical, provides the necessary tools to take up the challenge.

SteriLine, which is part of the XLine product suite, offers seamless integration with all other modules of the platform.


Tracking and Tracing

The user-friendly (barcode scanning) GUI's give the user a whole set of functionalities allowing the personnel to perform their daily tasks and gather a maximum amount of traceability information with a minimum load.

Built-in context sensitive guidance

The system watches over the shoulder of the user and guides him through the process. In case one should attempt to perform a sub-optimal action, SteriLine will notify and alert the user.

Managing of the resources

SteriLine contains a local stock module and offers functionality to manage the complete materials lifecycle.

Refer to the description of the "XLine Logistics" module for more information.


SteriLine supports the follow up of the technical equipment (like washers and sterilizers) and can be linked to virtually every common brand of apparatus and machinery. All available process parameters are stored automatically and can be easily retrieved and visualized afterwards.

Monitoring of the resources

SteriLine offers a graphical web-based overview of the real-time situation of all the gear circulating.

Loan Gear

The system contains a module to manage loan gear and to exchange information with suppliers electronically.


SteriLine contains a package of pre-defined reports, allowing the CSSD-head of department to monitor and manage the performance of the service and take strategic decisions.