The Operating Room is one of the most important and also most complex departments inside the hospital, requiring an adjusted logistical organization and planning. Keeping the OR ward up and running is a challenging task. This represents an important cost for the hospital with regard to available resources such as; time, people and materials.

In view of the current situation of increasing costs and proportionally increasing control by the government concerning the resources used, optimization becomes more and more indispensable.

However, this necessary increase in efficiency with respect to management, planning and logistics will only be attainable if the hospital is ready to optimize the internal organization and is willing to invest in a solid ICT tool that can support this. ORLine, the complete management tool for the OR department offers the necessary functionality to cope with this task from A to Z.

ORLine, as a part of the XLine product suite has a seamless integration with SteriLine, Aexis Medicals CSSD (Central Sterilization Service Department) Management system.



The user-friendly (drag and drop) GUI's give the user a whole set of functionalities, going from session-based surgeon planning to boundless and freeĀ planning by the OR-Coordinator.

The scheduling module is optional. It is possible to obtain all data related to the planned operations via an inbound interface with the medical record. Most of ORLine's functionalities remain intact.

Logistics Support

ORLine contains a local stock module and offers functionality to manage the complete materials workflow: from preparation until eventual consumption in the operating room. Thus linking the list of all used materials to the patient.

Refer to the description of the "XLine Logistics" module for more information.


ORLine allows the recording of virtually everything that might be relevant during the execution of the intervention. This is realized through the use of the advanced components technology.

OR Monitoring

ORLine offers a graphical overview of the real-time situation in the different rooms. This allows the different roles inside the OR complex and CSSD to streamline their activities of the day.


ORLine contains a package of pre-defined reports, allowing the OR-head of department to monitor and manage the performance of the service.