 AZ Jan Portaels chooses PrimUZ as EPD but retains the entire Aexis Medical platform

September 2016

The General Hospital AZ Jan Portaels has opted for the PrimUZ EPD, which was developed by and in cooperation with the University Hospital of Brussels. One of the important aspects of the dossier was that this EPD also offers functionality for managing the operating theatre. The hospital’s management has also decided to retain the entire Aexis platform and mandated that the new EPD has to be adapted to it. Integration of Aexis Medical’s solutions into hospital-wide systems is a design feature and enables retention of past investment in the event of a switch to a new EPD. The decision by AZ Jan Portaels shows that increasingly more hospitals understand that an all-inclusive global medical dossier does not sufficiently cover the functionality required by the operating theatre or central sterilisation department.