Europaziekenhuizen hospitals computerise their central sterilisation departments and operating theatres with Aexis Medical software.

April 2016

The Europaziekenhuizen hospitals, also located in the Brussels region, had long indicated their interest in Aexis Medical’s software solutions. Nevertheless, other project had always been prioritised. The outsourcing of central sterilisation signalled the temporary end of negotiations in 2009, but talks were resumed in 2015 when it became clear that the outsourcing was not going to be a success. The result was that the central sterilisation department was returned to the Europaziekenhuizen’s in-house organisation, which once again created the necessity for installing a solid track & trace system that could support the entire process. Aexis Medical was chosen as the best provider for this. In addition to SteriLine, ORLine is also a part of the offer, which will allow the operating theatre and central sterilisation department to be seamlessly integrated with each other.