A great many patients come to the Emergency department every day for a whole variety of reasons. The seriousness of patients' complaints covers a particularly wide range and must never be underestimated. Consequently, the ER staff must be highly trained and have the necessary communication skills. The ER itself handles a large number of procedures, but the department also makes intensive use of other departments in the hospital, such as X-ray, the laboratory and so on. Some patients are also passed on to the operating room or one of the 3 nursing departments. The ER makes regular use of sterile equipment, so expanding to the ER from the operating theatre suite (ORLine) and CSSD (SteriLine) is a logical next step.

There is also an imperative need for proper management of patient flow and the procedures carried out in the ER. By having the appropriate IT tools at their disposal, staff are supported in what is a complex day-to-day working world.

ERLine provides full support for billing, ensuring proper cost controls and the optimization of turnover.


Patient Flow Management

ERLine's clearly designed graphics screens enable users to see all of the relevant information they need at a glance and in real-time. The highly intuitive User Interface means that users feel at home with the package and are able to find all the information they want immediately.

Triage, using the method of the hospital's choice

Every hospital is able to fit its triage methods into ERLine, whether it's a standard applied worldwide or a derivative that the hospital has developed or refined itself.

Recording activities and relevant medical details

ERLine makes it possible to record all of these details quickly and efficiently, then making them available again in a range of different forms.

Electronic enquiries and results

Depending on the capabilities, ERLine is able to seamlessly integrate with the other systems already installed in the hospital.

Management and registration of equipment and material

As with ORLine (management of the operating room ward), ERLine enables a record to be made of all the materials and equipment used, based on links with the pharmacy and/or ERP systems.

Care records

There is an outstandingly good graphic functionality that provides a clear picture of the activities to be carried out by nursing staff. This ensures more transparent patient organization and treatment.

Simple creation of standard documents

ERLine enables you to create documents based on templates you produce yourself. These templates can be used in the department or for standard reporting to government.


ERLine provides full support for billing, ensuring proper cost controls and the optimization of turnover.