This time, the 17th Aexis Medical symposium was organised for the first time for both language groups together. It took place on 18 October 2022 at the beautiful Waerboom domain in Groot-Bijgaarden.

As always, the program consisted of a varied mix of presentations on functional novelties and user experiences shared in the ORLine and SteriLine user groups.

Both existing customers and new prospects had found their way to the Waerboom and were able to exchange experiences.

The general session focused mainly on the many integration possibilities of the XLine platform, with a specific focus on the SPD.

Another session focused on the importance of dashboards and KPIs based on the large dataset that XLine already offers and this in combination with work studies according to the Lean methodology.

Patrick Ponsaerts from GS1 did an interesting presentation on UDI & GS1 standards: How to comply with UDI legislation using GS1 standards, EUDAMED, Timetable for implementation ..."

In addition, some suppliers with laser machines were present to engrave and identify instruments (GravoTech, Trotec and Surgical Maintenance).

It was an exciting day, in a beautiful and sunny setting.

All attendees received a nice Aexis Medical bag of gadgets as a souvenir and were extremely enthusiastic about the program on offer.


Symposium 2022

We thank all participants for their attendance and involvement during all sessions and look forward to seeing them at a next edition.