The endoscopy department plays a fundamental role when it comes to patient diagnostics. The budgetary pressure on the hospitals and the increasing number of endoscopic procedures forces the hospital organization towards a more efficient planning and follow-up of this department.


A great many patients come to the Emergency department every day for a whole variety of reasons. The seriousness of patients' complaints covers a particularly wide range and must never be underestimated. Consequently, the ER staff must be highly trained and have the necessary communication skills.


The Operating Room is one of the most important and also most complex departments inside the hospital, requiring an adjusted logistical organization and planning. Keeping the OR ward up and running is a challenging task. This represents an important cost for the hospital with regard to available resources such as; time, people and materials.


The ever rising number, complexity and price of the numerous instruments, circulating inside the hospital, as well as the increasing variation of maintenance and sterilization procedures, have made the "traceability" issue one of the major topics in hospital quality management these days.



20 / 8 2022

Rhein-Ruhr-Symposium für die Aufbereitung von Medizinprodukten

Zum 7. Rhein-Ruhr-Symposium für die Aufbereitung von Medizinprodukten in Bochum möchten wir Sie herzlich einladen.  Wir widmen uns in unserer PräsenzVeranstaltung (2G-Regel) dem aktuellen Stand der EU - MDR mit ihren Konsequenzen für Aufbereiter und Hersteller. Außerdem gibt es Beiträge zu den Themen: Einarbeitung von Mitarbeitern, Gefährdungsbeurteilung psychischer Belastungen, Ausbildungsberuf und der Integration von Mitarbeitern mit Behinderungen. 


RuhrCongress Bochum
Stadionring 20
44791 Bochum