XLine is the name of the platform and the collective name of the suite of applications that Aexis Medical offers for various departments within the hospital. These include ORLine (planning and management of the Operations Theatre), SteriLine (tracking & tracing and management of the Central Sterilization Service Department), ERLine (workflow management of the Emergency Department) and ExaLine (planning, workflow management and reconditioning within almost every medical-technical department ).
In addition, these applications are supported by the overarching module XLine Logistics, which can meet all logistics challenges in the relevant departments.
More information about the individual modules can be found elsewhere on the website.

The unique feature of the XLine platform is that it was built with a perfect integration of the various departments as a starting point. All applications on this platform are seamlessly connected and use a common dataset. This has a whole range of important advantages in terms of ease of use as well as maintenance and support.
This also makes integration within the existing hospital ICT infrastructure a lot easier.

Although all applications already offer perfect support and considerable added value in “stand alone” mode, this added value will increase exponentially as more departments use the platform. After all, the internal communication and understanding between the mutual departments has a crucial influence on its efficiency.
The XLine platform, with its modules, offers the necessary functionality and transparency to achieve this.


The ever rising number, complexity and price of the numerous instruments, circulating inside the hospital, as well as the increasing variation of maintenance and sterilization procedures, have made the "traceability" issue one of the major topics in hospital quality management these days.


The Operating Room is one of the most important and also most complex departments inside the hospital, requiring an adjusted logistical organization and planning. Keeping the OR ward up and running is a challenging task. This represents an important cost for the hospital with regard to available resources such as; time, people and materials.


The endoscopy department plays a fundamental role when it comes to patient diagnostics. The budgetary pressure on the hospitals and the increasing number of endoscopic procedures forces the hospital organization towards a more efficient planning and follow-up of this department.


A great many patients come to the Emergency department every day for a whole variety of reasons. The seriousness of patients' complaints covers a particularly wide range and must never be underestimated. Consequently, the ER staff must be highly trained and have the necessary communication skills.

XLine Logistics

XLine Logistics is the logistics module of the platform with the same name that serves all applications built on it. This logistics component has been developed in close collaboration with specialists in the field. This has resulted in a complete and user-friendly application that not only supports all logistical tasks but also meets all requirements related to the traceability of implants according to the recent MDR (Medical Device Regulation) law.


February 2023


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25 / 3 2023

36ème congres Afiso

L’AFISO (L’Association Francophone des Infirmières de Salle d’Opération) organisera son prochain congrès annuel le samedi 25 mars 2023 dans l’enceinte du «Wallonia Conference Center Mons» (WCCM).

Nous mettons tout en oeuvre pour proposer à nos membres, aux infirmiers de salle d’opération et à nos partenaires, une journée scientifique de haut niveau.


Wallonia Conference Center of Mons
9, Avenue Mélina Mercouri
7000 Mons