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A massive amount of patient information is collected everyday and managing all these files is a vast assignment. Not only should the information be stored for a considerable amount of years in a stable environment, medical professionals also continue to use this (paper) information on a day-to-day basis. This means that keeping track of all the internal movements is already a challenge on its own.

Moreover, other information (like a referral letter) comes in regularly and should be added to the patients file in a user friendly way.

ArcLine is a product that has been designed specifically for the Medical Archives department inside the hospital and provides the necessary tools to accomplish this in a simple and efficient way.

Main Features
Management of the movements
The system offers easy to use GUI's to manage all the internal movements of a patient file.
ArcLine contains several handy tools to assess the actual status and location of every patient file.
ArcLine is linked to the Hospital Information System and peripheral solutions (like Medical Result Servers), to make it completely integrated inside the hospital IT infrastructure.
ArcLine can be connected to virtually every common brand of Scanner available on the market, making the digitalization of a patient file straightforward.

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